October 7, 2021

Agents can now change Routing Profiles

In some contact centers, agents may need to switch between routing profiles during their shift to handle different types of contacts.

This functionality is now available to agents to manage in Local Measure Engage for Amazon Connect.

How does it work?
  • Agents can change their routing profile in the Agent Status menu. There is a tab labelled 'Routing Profile' where they can change their profile.
  • As soon as they select a new routing profile, the change happens immediately.
  • Changing an agent's routing profile mid-call does not disconnect the contact.
  • For calls, this means the call remains connected and in the agent's inbox.
  • For chats, this means the contact remains open and in the agent's inbox.
  • After the agent has changed routing profiles, they will no longer receive contacts from the previous routing profile.
  • Agents will start to receive contacts immediately after changing routing profile, even if they have a contact open from the previous routing profile.