February 2, 2023

Big New UI Ehnancements

We are introducing a number of enhancements to some key areas of the Engage User Interface that will make it easier and more efficient for Agents to get around and complete key tasks.

[.callout-primary]Important: We will be rolling these changes out across all accounts over the coming weeks. We will be in contact with each account to give more details and help you train your team if necessary before the switch[.callout-primary]

Key Changes

Utility Panel

The Utility Panel now uses a Tabbed interface rather than collapsible sections. This allows for more space and quicker, easier access to Resolution Codes and Actions.

The resolution code panel now also makes it easier to see applied codes.

Reply Box

The reply box now has a compact and expanded more for all Replies and Notes. Suggested actions now appear in this box too.

After Contact Work

The ACW panel now represents each of the steps the agent has to fill out and will mark steps when completed. It also provides direct access to resolution codes rather than having to open the side panel.

Main Inbox Panel

We’ve introduced tabs to the Main Inbox Panel to make it easier for agents to switch between Current and Previous Conversations.

The historical items are now sorted from top to bottom (ie. most recent at the top)