October 12, 2023

Case Assignment and Improved Search

Important enhancements to Case Management

What are Cases?

Cases refers to the processes and tools that allows a contact centre agent to handle, track, and resolve customer inquiries, issues, or complaints in a consistent and measurable way. The term case represents a single instance of a customer's interaction or issue. Here is an example of a typical use case. When a customer contacts a call centre with an issue, a new case is created in the system. Relevant information about the customer and their issue is recorded. This might include the customer's name, contact details, nature of the problem, and any other metadata. Each case is assigned a unique case number or ID, which helps in tracking and referencing the case in the future.

Case Assignment

Case assignment is important because it ensures efficient issue resolution, enhances customer satisfaction, optimizes workforce, utilizes resources effectively, tracks progress, and provides data for improvement in customer service and support. With the new Case Assignment capability, Agents can now assign cases to a specific agent or a queue. This makes keeping track of a case much easier.

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Case Search

Engage's case searching functionality helps support agents and teams quickly retrieve past customer interaction data and case histories to better resolve customer inquiries and issues. This simplifies resolution, increases operational efficiency, and enhances customer experience by delivering individualized and knowledgeable help. Integrating case search is a strategic move toward customer-centricity, operational excellence, and informed customer support decision-making.

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