October 4, 2023

Customise Engage CTI Screen Pop

Today we are excited to introduce a number of great improvements to Engage CTI that will allow Administrators greater flexibility and control over the behaviour CTI Screen Pop.

These improvements are available to use for all customers today and don't require any additional upgrades.

There are 2 key improvements:

Support for Softphone Layouts in Salesforce

This enables Salesforce Administrators to customise rules such as what happens if there are no results for a Screen Pop search, all from with in Salesforce.

You can also assign different rules for different User Profiles eg. Sales or Support users

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Customise Screen Pop with Contact Attributes

Often you will want to Screen Pop different information for a specific call or chat (eg: a specific Case or a related Account). To achieve this Engage CTI now provides 2 attributes you can add to Contact.

  1. _cti_screenpop_id: Set this attribute using an Object ID for any Salesforce Object. This is most useful if you are doing a lookup in Contact Flow before the Contact gets to the Agent.
  2. _cti_screenpop_search: Set this attribute to any value you want to search for in Salesforce (eg. Phone Number, Website, Case Reference Number). Use this option when you don't know the exact Salesforce Object Id but want more control of the search term.

These attributes also support Personalisation Tokens as values, allowing you to reference other attributes on the Contact or Profile.

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