June 16, 2022

Instagram Direct Messages are now available in Engage

Engage now supports Instagram Direct Messages. Instagram Direct Messages lets you send messages to your customers. You can receive text, pictures, videos and stories.

What does the Engage Instagram DM integration support?

  • One-to-one messaging
  • Incoming image attachments
  • Stories
  • Replies
  • Receive GIFs
  • Receive Stickers
  • Send and receive Emojis
  • User-deleted messages
  • Easy to connect to Engage using your Facebook account (OAuth)

Features not supported:

  • Videos
  • Group messages
  • Posts
  • Mentions
  • Shares
  • Stories
  • Shares
  • Mentions

What kind of Instagram Account does a client need to talk to their customers?

Engage clients will need to have an Instagram Business Account and linked Facebook Business Page.

Please ensure that both accounts are linked to each other.

For more information, please read Adding Instagram Direct Messages