June 19, 2023

Microsoft Teams Integration

Our new Microsoft Teams integration helps Agents resolve customer queries more efficiently. To resolve customer queries, Agents  often require assistance from other Agents or colleagues outside of the contact center, which can be difficult to identify and access. Additionally, agents have to switch between multiple applications to access necessary information to resolve customer queries. Microsoft Teams in Engage aims make it easier for Agents to contact their colleagues and reduce the need for switching between applications by bringing relevant information into Engage.

  • Save time and effort by providing access to necessary information and available help within one application.
  • Improves query resolution and customer satisfaction, while increasing agent productivity by eliminating the need to switch between applications.
  • Enables effective collaboration among team members, Agents can easily communicate with team members that aren’t Engage users.

Microsoft Teams is available to all Engage Customers on Bundle Plans today. Find out how more here.